I am interrupting my vacation for this note about Adam Dunn’s numbers. All the Dunn bashers have some ‘splainin to do.

He is now 12th in ALL of baseball with 52 RBI with RISP.

He has 52 RBI in 125 Plate Appearances.
Saint Albert Pujols has 54 RBI in139 Plate Appearances.

So even by these “baseball man” stats he is now doing better than even Pujols. Oh the humanity.

Someone forward this to Lance “dunn is overrated” McAlister.

6 Responses

  1. Pinski

    Preaching to the choir, me and my buddy noticed we hadn’t seen any trolls – Michael – recently here or over on Red Reporter.

  2. Brian

    The “distinct” differenece is 1 ebh every 5 ab’s to 1 every 7 ab’s.

    His walk rate and k rate are percentage points apart.

    The “difference”?

    Batting in a protected position with runners on, not chairs, not Miley, not fundamentals…. just a plain old fashion hitting streak.

  3. Chad

    For what it’s worth, the massage chairs are still in the team chapel, according to my source with the Reds.

    And yes, I actually asked that question. I was interested….

  4. Hugo

    To bad Felipe Lopez had to stop hitting when Dunn started.

  5. Red Hot Mama

    This post appeared in my list of referrals. The URL was abbreviated to cut out the middle of the path, but the last four words were intact.

    I thought I was going to find something very different when I clicked here.