The Reds are going to win tonight, and Eric Milton is going to pitch well.

There, I said it. Here’s a game thread for you to discuss.

9 Responses

  1. DevilsAdvocate

    Agreed. Let’s watch it pan out.

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    Casey hurt his shoulder, I guess on his swing while grounding out in the first.

  3. Chad

    Who is pitching the next two nights? Hudson and Ortiz?

    If so, I’m going to jump off a building. I have tickets for the next two games.

    Why can’t I get Claussen, at least?

  4. DevilsAdvocate

    Bingo. But take hear: the Reds are 12-9 when Ortiz starts, so you’re probably going to see some serious run-scoring. Not to mention the fact that each of those pitchers have 2 straight quality starts under their belts.

  5. Chad

    I guess there is some hope. Maybe Dunn and Junior will give us some fireworks.

  6. DevilsAdvocate

    That’s “heart”. Typos bring me shame. 😳

  7. DevilsAdvocate

    Argh. Milton’s not exactly making me look like a psychic. Quite the opposite.

  8. Jim McCullough

    At least he kept it in the park until the 5th inning!