This team is beginning to be fun to watch. Nice game tonight.

Can you believe that this team has won ten straight road games? The way they played in the first half, I never foresaw this. A game and a half out of third place? No way!

If this team had a couple of good pitchers, we’d be looking at the playoffs right now. Sigh….

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  1. Jim McCullough

    What was once the 2nd worse road team has the longest road win streak siince the 2003 Mariners.

    Hats off to Ortiz and what a stellar performance by the bullpen.

    If they can keep this up until then end of the season, attendance will have to be on the rise. In turn, Lindner has to respond by acquiring the pitching this club needs for next season to compete head-to-head with the Cardinals.

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    Hell, if they keep this up until the end of the year, they’ll be competing head-to-head with the Cardinals this season. Will it happen? Well, no.

    I think attendance thus far has been below expectations, due to the team performance being below expectations. A rise in attendance might bring it back in line with the franchise’s goal. But even if they do surpass their original expectations at the gate, an extraordinarily weak free agent crop this coming winter, combined with the apparent lack of reliable talent evaluators in the front office, means that the Reds are not likely to acquire much help in the off-season. The pitchers they have will just have to get better.

    I am the DevilsAdvocate. Ha. Good night.

  3. Brian

    A rise in attendance might bring it back in line with the franchise’s goal.

    Only 19 more home games, it’s a hard sell.

    But if the team ownership changes hands a attendance drop won’t matter because the new owner will set a new budget (hopefully)

  4. Bill

    In addition to the fact that they can continue to play well and no one will notice. The fans wrote this season off in June and now that football season has started, the average fan has turned his attention to the Bengals.

    Right now, all this team is doing is playing for O’Brien and Narron’s jobs. The fans have thrown in the towel long ago.

  5. Greg

    Who are the best FA pitchers out there this offseason? Kevin Millwood?? AJ Burnett???

  6. Shawn

    That’s about it for pitchers, aside from any non-tenders. Rafael Furcal and Johnny Damon are the best players up for free agency. No Vlad this year.