Saw the Sarasota Reds beat up on the Dunedin Blue Jays last night 9-3.

Game was highlighted by 3 hit nights by Ben Himes and Ben Schramek (who hit the game winning slam on Monday night), a mamouth HR over the scoreboard by Joey Votto, a great diving catch by Phil Gentry down the LF line, and a very good pitching performance by Calvin Medlock (6 IP 2 ER 5 H 0 BB 5 K).

Last night was dollar night at Ed Smith Stadium. $1 for general admission seats, hot dogs, pops, peanuts, pop corn. And they still only drew 533.

5 Responses

  1. Tom

    Does Ben Himes appear to be really ripped, like he lifts a lot? He’s listed at 6’4″ 210. I had read “The Last Best League” a while back, and he made a brief apperance on the featured Cape Cod League team before breaking a wrist or hand. His team mates had tagged him “The Universal Soldier”, thus I was wondering if he was really cut. Thomas Pauly was also on that team. It was a pretty good read.


  2. Bill

    Doesn’t seem like it, he just looks like a tall, fairly skinny kid to me. One of the fans sitting near us was calling him “Mr. Baseball” though. 🙂

  3. Shawn

    Lousy attendance. I guess the Florida fans get spoiled during spring training.

  4. Jim McCullough

    Even at a $1.00 admission, you have to be a real fan of baseball to watch it at that level. Usually “AA” and higher you see a decent quality of play but below that it gets pretty rough looking except for the one or two players that stand out.

  5. Bill

    Jim, I don’t agree with you at all. It’s not MLB caliber, but I’ve seen a lot of A ball over the last few years and I think it’s pretty darn entertaining.