Chris Welsh: “You’d better get that big guy signed right now, before he gets fifty (homers).”


3 Responses

  1. al

    at least they’ve told Dunn about that policy and he says he understands it.

    i’m getting really tired of reading things in the papers about reds players complaining that no one tells them anything and that the communication is terrible on this team. i think it’s a major reason that their have been so many problems in the clubhouse this year.

    DanO needs to shape up. people need to know their roles and know what they can expect, be that contracts or trades. Narron seems to do a little better than miley in communicating about playing time, but he could do better as well.

  2. Hugo

    Does anyone know if Dunn has given any indication that he wants to re-sign?

  3. Glenn

    Sometimes, the issue is so large that you have to make an acception to your rule. Signing Dunn during this season outweighs any concerns about violating a policy. We are talking about Adam Dunn, a threat to hit 50 HR’s every year. We’re not talking about a utiltiy infielder.