Luke Hudson, who (along with Milton and Ortiz) rounds out the trio of Reds pitchers that the opposition loves to face. Hudson will step to the mound with an ERA of 8.39…which means that he has been worse than either Milton or Ortiz. That’s not easy to do.

When 3/5 of your starting rotation have ERA’s in excess of 6 runs a game, you have problems.

Meanwhile, former Red Brian Moehler starts for the Fishies tonight, sporting an ERA of 3.64. That astounds me, given how terrible he was during his short stint in Cincinnati.

At least we have Adam Dunn!


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  1. Chad

    I never understood why the Reds traded for him in the first place.

    Those deadline deals that year for Moehler and Shawn Estes worked out just about as well as the signings of Milton and Ortiz have worked out this year.