996 OPS.

Tied for the MLB lead in homers.

25 years old.

Sign him to a long-term contract, NOW!

Please, Dan O’Brien?

5 Responses

  1. Tyler

    He sucks. He can’t hit with people on. He doesn’t drive in runs. Wait…..nevermind:grin:

  2. Matt Malott

    Where are all the yahoos that were carping about him just a couple of weeks ago. Did AOL turn off your service?

  3. Mike

    The big questions is why did Narron have him in the 6 hole again last night. Granted, he got 5 RBI’s, so he obviously had opportunities, but I’d like to see him planted in that clean-up role.

  4. Hugo

    I have a question. Who really thinks Dunn would resign? I dont see any reason for him to. The Reds aren’t winning and probably wont anytime soon. And just like everyone says he is under appreciated by his own organization. Ya thats real incentive to resign with the Reds.

  5. newguy

    He hit sixth because his numbers had been atrocious all season versus lefthanders. Doesn’t mean he’s not a great player…he’s just usually not that great versus lefties.

    I await your scorn for pointing this out.