Well, they got ’em a big name.

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  1. Glenn

    This is so stupid. I can’t believe that at this point in his career he would risk his reputation and chance at the HOF for steroids. Its just crazy.
    I heard that of the 7 major leaguers caught on the new drug test, all 7 have claimed they “unknowingly” ingested a banned substance. This might be the newest craze in excuses.

  2. Glenn

    Peter, that article was very informative. If this is indeed a plausible reason for Palmerio failing his drug test, than I’d suggest that he come forward, hold a press conference and show everyone what supliments or other products he uses. If there is a problem with any of them, it might mitigate some of the heat he’s taking. Of course I don’t know for certain, but my guess is that this was all discussed durning his appeal to the arbiter and Palmerio had nothing to offer.

  3. Pinski

    Franklin seems to be saying similar things, and he has less to lose if he comes forward (no real fear of perjury).

    What I really would like to know is when he actually failed the test because its not clear to me how long the appeals process took.

    I also wouldn’t be surpised if someone gets suspended tomorrow.

  4. Glenn

    ESPN is reporting this am that Palmerio failed the drug test in May. He was on appeal during his run for 3,000 hits. Its amazing to me that Selig and MLB would take out full page adds giving congrats to a guy they know they are going to suspend 10 days for steroids.
    Also, someone at MLB leaked to the press the name of the steroid Palmerio was using. I couldn’t begin to spell it, but its the same one Canadien sprinter Ben Johnson lost all his Olympic medals over.

  5. Mike

    How much better do Griffey’s career numbers look when you consider the guys above him all appear to have been doping…

    Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Palmiero…

  6. Glenn

    Griffey’s always been a favorite of mine. If you consider the fight he’s had to overcome injuries and the fact that the guys who have passed him on some of the all-time lists were using steroids, I think even more highly of him than I did before. He’s always respected the game and no one has ever hinted that he’s had to cheat to make it in MLB.