Adam Dunn .280/.391/.688 with 8 doubles 10 homers and 27 RBIs

Junior .300/.411/.667 with 6 doubles 9 homers and 20 RBIs


3 Responses

  1. Glenn

    As well as Jr and Dunn have played in July, I’d like to point out that the pitching has been much, much better (almost respectable) in the second half. I was no fan of Don Gullett’s abilities as a pitching coach, but in fairness I’d have to say, that the pitching had shown some improvements prior to his firing. Whether it started under Gullett or Ruhle turned them around, I’m just glad it finally did turn around. The season’s gone as far as the Reds being in contention, but at least its not as tough to be a Reds fan as it had been.

  2. Glenn

    Yeah Greg, I wish that Dunn kid would get his act together. Its all his fault! We waste too much time harping on OB, Milton, Miley, Gullett, et al.
    Now for a serious comment. Right now, I think the biggest contributions OB has made to the team are the trades he didn’t make.

  3. Brian

    When was the last time the Reds had a 1000+ ops from the catcher position?


    Best catchers OPS for the Reds 200 PA’s

    1 Bubbles Hargrave 1923 .941 444
    2 Ed Bailey 1956 .936 446
    3 Johnny Bench 1970 .932 671
    4 Bubbles Hargrave 1926 .930 365
    5 Johnny Bench 1972 .920 652
    6 Smoky Burgess 1957 .919 232
    7 Ernie Lombardi 1935 .918 351
    8 Ernie Lombardi 1938 .915 529
    9 Don Pavletich 1965 .907 217
    10 Johnny Bench 1977 .889 560