USA Today has ranked baseball’s best radio announcers, by league. Marty Brennaman was ranked a little low, it seems to me, but then, I’m biased. Marty is the background soundtrack to my childhood.

Of course, he’s in the Hall of Fame, so some others agree with me.

Anyway, ranked number one in the National League is Vin Scully, the Dodgers’ veteran announcer. One of the greatest things about getting MLB Extra Innings and XM Radio this season is that I’ve been able to listen to Scully on a regular basis. He’s the best there is, even after more than fifty years in the business.

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  1. orangeandbrown

    On the background track, this is so true. Marty and Joe are largely responsible for creating a love of this game for me. I sat in my room late at night, when I was supposed to be asleep, radio down low, and those two men built and love and appreciation for this game. I know that many people are critical of Marty and I know he isn’t up with contemporary thought on the numbers. But in the age where myth ruled, Marty was a brilliant storyteller. These are among my fondest childhood memories.