Louisville 10, Durham 2

non-prospect, 30 year-old, Santiago Perez went 4 for 4 with 2 R, 4 RBI, BB, 3B, .366/.452

26 year-old Jeff Bannon went 3 for 5 with 2 R and a 2B, he is now hitting in his first 21 AAA plate appearances he is hitting .286/.381 with no BB, and 2 2B.

Josh Hancock pitched 4 innings gave up 4 H, 2 ER, 2BB, and 2 Ks. In 19 innings at AAA this year, Josh has 19 ks, but 13 BBs and 3 HR.


Carolina 5, Chattanooga 3

22 year old Lead off hitter, Javon Moran went 4 for 5 with 2 R and 1 CS. Javon who came over in the Corey Lidle deal with Josh Hancock is hitting .476/.524 in 21 AA Plate Appearances. Does anybody know why he only has 21 PAs this year? I can’t find him on Sarosata or Dayton’s roster.

A (High)
Palm Beach 10, Sarosata 1

Everybody sucked.

A (Low)
Peoria 7, Dayton 3


Billings 14, Helena 4

For the second day in a row, its tough to picke out just one hitter. This whole team is crushing the ball.

But 12 round draft pick Adam Rosales gets the nod again. Adam went 3 for 5 with 3 R, 3 RBI, a HR, a 2B.

Adam is now hitting .399/.522 with 13 BB, 5 HR, 12 2B in 147 PA. Time for a promotion.

GCL Red Sox 5, GCL Reds 3

3B, and 35th round draft pick, Angel Colon hit his first professional homer and went 2 for 3 with a 2R, and an RBI. He is hitting .367, .389 in 82 PA

10 Responses

  1. Bill

    Dayton played a DH (rainout make up from the night before), they lost the second one 5-1.

  2. Jim McCullough

    What is the average age of our minor leaguers? There seems to be a wealth of older players.

  3. DevilsAdvocate

    DJ Mattox pitched 5 scoreless innings for High-A Sarasota before getting beaten around for four runs in the sixth. Presumably he was at his pitch-count limit, as very few Reds’ lower-minors pitchers have even gotten into the sixth inning this year.

  4. DevilsAdvocate

    Also, speedster Javan Moran was promoted a few days ago from Sarasota. Complete stats can be hard to find for players promoted in mid-season.

    He did pretty well in the FSL, compensating for lack of power and average batting eye with a high batting average. John Sickels included him on his mid-season Top 50 prospects list a couple weeks ago, but then said that he was “probably hallucinating that day” and was overly generous, saying that double-A would be a good test to see whether he’d amount to something. Upside MLB comparable: batting-average-fueled speedy outfielder with little power and average eye = Juan Pierre.

    2005 Javan Moran complete statline:

  5. Billingsfan

    “Adam Rosales gets the nod again … time for a promotion…” Bite your tongue, young fella! We get a crowd pleaser down here in Billings, and right away you want to take him away from us. Let him suffer long bus rides and McDonalds another month – OK?

  6. Bill

    Billingsfan, you may be getting Travis Wood soon, though he did finally give up some runs yesterday, the slacker!

  7. DevilsAdvocate

    Matt, I know how you loathe the misuse of batting average, but can I convince you not to ignore it entirely? I’ll grant you it may be a metric that is overused, but it is still useful, especially in concert with OBP and SLG. For example, Javan Moran is listed at .476/.524 thus far at Chattanooga (I’m assuming OBP/SLG). Those are Adam Dunn numbers. What it doesn’t tell me is that he hasn’t drawn a walk yet. If his BA of .476 is also listed, it telegraphs that he is still a free-swinging slap-hitter and has probably been lucky that so many singles have been falling in.

  8. Matt


    That’s a great point. Next time I will try to list a players BB or I will list batting average.

  9. Brian B.

    After Josh Hancock’s “impressive” four inning, four hit, 2 ER performance, Jeriome Robertson threw four innings of his own giving up just 1 hit and striking out 6. So that should put things in perspective.