Game thread.

4 Responses

  1. Chad

    Can you imagine how hard we’d be hammering Ramon Ortiz and his 6+ ERA, if it weren’t for Eric Milton?

  2. Chad

    You know, Narron might be getting it. I’d like to see Kearns and Casey switched, but this is the best lineup we’ve seen in Cincinnati all year. Kudos to Narron.

    1. R Freel, 2B
    2. F Lopez, SS
    3. K Griffey Jr., CF
    4. A Dunn, LF
    5. S Casey, 1B
    6. A Kearns, RF
    7. J Valentin, C
    8. E Encarnacion, 3B
    9. R Ortiz, P

  3. Mike

    Great example of what the Reds haven’t done well at times, the little things. Nice to see Freel putting himself in position to score the winning run.