Dunn’s batting average in 103 PA with RISP is .222. He has 33 RBI and 44 RS
Casey’s batting avere in 103 PA with RISP is .315 He has 34 RBI and 35 RS.

Batting average is a worthless stat.

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  1. Larry

    This is very frustrating for me. I am a life long Reds fan and I go back to the Pete Rose rookie year as a fan.

    We trade Kearns and keep Dunn – he of the microscopic RISP! Kearns is solid defensively and can develop into a solid RBI guy. He hits to all fields and is going to be a .300 hitter – Dunn hits lots of meaningless home runs and almost never gets a key base hit.

    What is Krivsky thinking? Why pay Dunn the big bucks? Dunn would never play for Oakland – despite his numbers because he is simply too unreliable and Griffey has faded quicker than a two dollar nag. What a waste of twenty five million plus.