JD has some potentially encouraging news.

4 Responses

  1. Blue

    Off topic, but Travis Chick is listed as the probable starter for Chattanooga tonight.

  2. Blue

    This is good news about Dunn. I don’t think O’Brien wants to trade him, but I figured he would this offseason if he couldn’t get him signed to a long term deal.

  3. Matt

    $7 Million a year for .900 OPS would be a steal. I know where they can get 8.5 freed up for next year.

  4. Hugo

    I have a question. Who really thinks Dunn would resign? I dont see any reason for him to. The Reds aren’t winning and probably wont anytime soon. And just like everyone says he is under appreciated by his own organization. Ya thats real incentive to resign with the Reds.