Here’s a game thread to discuss the resurgent Reds, as they begin a trip on the West Coast.

9 Responses

  1. Chad

    If nothing else, those of us with MLB Extra Innings get to listen to Vin Scully call the game tonight.

  2. Chad

    If lineup construction doesn’t mean anything, why not move Casey from the third spot, Narron?

    He just hit into another double play. I swear, he’s a rally-killer.

  3. Chad

    The sooner Rich Aurilia is put out of my misery, the better. Not only is he a bad hitter, but he can’t field the position at 2B.

  4. Chris

    One $#@*& hit?!! That’s all we got – one #@&@! hit??

  5. Brian

    One $#@*& hit?!! That’s all we got – one #@&@! hit??

    Even worse he only went to ball 3 on 3-4 guys, only gave up 2 FB outs.

    That is why they got him, that is why he chose that park too.

    It all worked last night for Lowe, I’m not a Lowe or Dodger fan, but credit due is deserved.

  6. Jim McCullough

    The Dodgers are going to need a lot of dirt to fill in the hole between the plate and the mound due to all the ball the Reds hitters were pounding into the ground.


  7. Chris W

    Good thing I TiVo’d that game and could watch it on FWD speed 2. 2 1/2 hour game watched in just under 30 minutes. And even that was too long for that mess!