Did you see Paul Daugherty’s column in today’s Enquirer? He says that the Randa deal was a bad one for the Reds:

Meantime, can’t wait to see Justin Germano and Travis Chick, the two kids the Reds got for Randa, a productive, professional, big-league third baseman. They might be great. They might be in the real workforce five years from now. Regardless, they are the future. Oh, happy day.

That’s just silly.

Go read the article, then email Daugherty to ask where the Reds would have been in the off-season, when Randa signed elsewhere after a career year at age 35. They would have been left holding the bag, with nothing in return. Signing aging players like Joe Randa to multi-year contracts is precisely the way for a team like the Reds to ensure a future filled with losing.

This is why people never learn. Dan O’Brien finally makes an excellent decision, and the Cincinnati media hammers him for it. Similarly, if Sean Casey were traded, the media would criticize O’Brien for weeks. Yet, if Adam Dunn is dealt, Dan O’Brien would be considered a genius by many.

Am I living in Bizarro World?

UPDATE: There’s a pretty good thread over at RedsZone about the Daugherty article.

4 Responses

  1. tom

    My take on Paul Daugherty is that he is a Pittsburgh guy whose general view of the Cincinnati sports scene is rather sarcastic. I prefer Lonnie Wheeler and was sorry when Tim Sullivan left for San Diego. Daugherty will never hold a candle to Hal McCoy, Earl Lawson and Lou Smith.

  2. Brian

    Daugherty will never hold a candle to Hal McCoy, Earl Lawson and Lou Smith.

    They couldn’y hold a candle to Jack Ryder or Tom Swote either… it’s a dieing game…

  3. Matt

    I had an opportunity to get to know a lot of the writers and beat writers for the Post, when I worked as a stringer there while I was in college.

    For the most part they everyone treated us college kids ok, they invited us to play pick up basketball with them, and play with them on poker night, etc.

    By FAR the biggest pompous ASS was Daugherty. His writing is EXACTLY like his personality.