It appears that Joe Randa has been traded (reported by ESPN). Acquired from San Diego are minor leaguers Justin Germano (22) and Travis Chick (21), both are starting pitchers.

Germano, who was assigned to Triple-A Louisville, was ranked by Baseball America as the Padres’ seventh-best prospect before the trade. This season, he went 7-6 with a 3.60 ERA in 19 starts with Triple-A Portland.

Germano did have one stint with the Padres last season. He went 1-2 with an 8.86 ERA in seven games, five of them starts.

Chick might be the best catch for the Reds in the future, though. The young right-hander was ranked the fourth-best prospect in the Padres organization by Baseball America before the deal. His fastball was rated tops in the Padres organization.

This season, Chick went 2-9 with a 5.36 ERA in Double-A Mobile.

So at least we got 2 decent arms for Randa it appears. Perhaps some one with more access to BA or BP can provide some more information on these two arms the Reds have acquired.

On the flip side, I’d have to admit it will be a shame to see Randa go. I was skeptical of his signing at the start of the year, but Joe turned out to be a pleasant addition to the ballclub. Even though he was misplaced in the lineup at times during the year, he was a class act and a good Red.

3 Responses

  1. Geoff

    You guys got real good value for Randa. Germano is closer to the big leagues and is probably a back-end rotation guy. Chick has struggled this year at Double-A but has #2 or #3 type stuff. Nice deal for the Reds.

  2. Tyler

    No he’s not valuble enough to get a supplemental pick. To get a supplemental pick, we’d have to offer him arbitration and that would mean we might have to resign him.

    The way Type A, B, and C are determined are like this:

    The top 30% at a position are type A
    The 30-50% are type B
    The 50%-60% are type C

  3. Rich Campbell

    Hey Guys, Rich Campbell of the San Diego Spotlight ( here. I think we overpaid a little but I like the deal. Travis Chick has a lot of upside and according to Kevin Towers the deal for Ismael Valdez to get him from the Marlins was still a “winner” as of June 21st. Germano projects as a #4 or #5 starter.