Today’s lineup looks very good….swap Randa for Aurilia, and I would actually be happy!

Freel 3B
Lopez SS
Griffey CF
Kearns RF
Dunn 1B
Aurilia 2B
Pena RF
LaRue C

I asked my 9-year old son last night what Wily Mo Pena was doing wrong at the plate….his answer:

“He is always swinging at the first pitch.”

I love my son.

11 Responses

  1. Brian B.

    Wonder if Casey on the bench means he’s packing his bags? Just a guess.

  2. Brian B.

    Because Casey has hit Maddux very well in his career.

  3. Glenn

    I’m begining to think that no one is going anywhere. It appears from media reports that OB has been approached many times about trades but has wanted “too much” value in return. Not being in on any of those conversations, I don’t quite know what to make of that. Are other teams trying to rip off the Reds or is OB not interested in improving the team?
    There is a lot of talent on this team. However, very little of it is on the mound. Given the Reds history of giving away good talent in exchange for poor pitching I almost inclined to say that no trade is better than the risk of making a bad one.
    I know the Reds have got to get some pitching or they’re doomed to become permanent cellar dwellers. I just have concerns that the Reds will fall off the other side, offensively ie.. the mid 1980’s.

  4. Chad

    I think Valentin is starting instead of LaRue…but Valentin has hit another homer, so I’m not complaining.

    Doesn’t matter what the lineup looks like when you have Milton on the hill, though.

  5. Glenn

    I agree OB has to get something for those 2006 Free Agents. Who knows, the Reds could find themselves in a position much like they did w/Mercker #2. Mercker was traded. The Reds got some prospects and then he came back to the Reds again as a FA. Because I’m not totally convinced that Encarnation ready for prime time, I’d love to see something like that happen with Joe Randa.
    I wasn’t speaking so much about the FA’s though. My concern is that the Reds are so desparate for pitching that they will trade Dunn in some sort of modern day Frank Robinson for Milt Papas
    deal. I’m also concerned, to a lesser extent, about not getting much value for Casey because he’s having a down yr, power and RBI-wise.
    Trading Casey is a two-fold deal. First its great that you can clear all that money off the payrolls, but you either have to get good value in return or you have to use this new found money to sign quality pitching. After the Milton, Ortiz and Webber signings, I don’t have confidence in OB’s ability to spot good talent. Remember this is also the same guy who took forever to figure out that Romano and Machado didn’t belong on the roster.

  6. newguy

    Perfect example in the seventh of how Dunn’s inability to make contact can be a killer–and this from a sabermetrics fan.

  7. Mike

    I love Casey hitting in this situation… no chance of a double play, great contact hitter

  8. Mike

    welcome back Austin! I wouldn’t worry about Randa, Aurilia and Mercker getting traded, it will happen, but I like his style of waiting to see what they can get for these guys.

  9. Peter

    How good is Dunn? They walk him to get to Aurilia even though Dunn is 0-4 with two strikouts and the Bad Man has hit a homerun already. You can make the lefty/righty argument, but i think this about sums up how other teams feel about him.

  10. Mike

    Casey was somewhat hurt from fouling a pitch off his foot the night before so they had him sit out.