After Harold Reynolds’ obsession with Freel (going as far as saying he should’ve been on the All-Star team) here is another reporter in love with Freel’s all out hustle.

Then one day I hit a pop-fly ball where I didn’t run it out all the way and got tagged out going to second. If I run it out hard, maybe the throw is off, the tag is missed and I’ll be safe. Maybe I score a run and that wins the game. But I didn’t.

I got benched.

It was the most awful feeling, and it still bothers me. Here I was, doing everything possible to play professional baseball, lucky to even be drafted, and I’m sitting on the bench because I didn’t run one out.


Right then I said to myself, “You’re not doing this anymore. Play the game right!”

Great message for all the youngsters out there.

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  1. Chad

    I hadn’t seen that, Chris. Not good.