What’s Dan O’Brien doing in the days leading up to the trade deadline? No one seems to know, and O’Brien isn’t saying.

He’d better not trade Adam Dunn, lest he experience a revolt within Redleg Nation.

7 Responses

  1. Brian

    Well, first off no one is really untouchable.

    But Dunn isn’t the Reds problem nor would his salary in the future be if some of the deadwood could be moved.

    And yes even despite attempts to discredit Dunn with popularity tags like AS games and player growth issues (25 year old guy with his numbers… sorry that’s impressive) just makes the whole issue laughable in my eyes

    Then coupled with a micro stat obsession with a subsequent macro stat avoidence just makes the issue of tradinfg Dunn first and foremost even more hilarious.

  2. Hugo

    Just heard that the Reds are offering the Dodgers Adam Dunn for their top prospect Joel Guzman and former top prospect Edwin Jackson. What does everyone think?

  3. Tyler

    We need more. Both bring too much risk. Jackson has struggled the last two years, but has been good as of late in AA. Guzman strikes out a lot. Like 30% of the time, while he’s still young, that makes him very risky. They would have to include their top pitching prospect in that trade, Chad Billingsley, for me to be satisified.

  4. Brian B.

    Hugo where did you hear this? I’s not going to happen. Those guys are worth Sean Casey, but that’s about it.

    Jayson Stark said that the Padres are probably where Randa is going to end up. I guess Sean Burroughs isn’t going to be in the 3B post-season plans.

    Anyone know the Padres’ system? Who might we get in return? These are the guys who gave up on Turnbow . . . we can only dream they have another one of those up their sleaves. At least with Bowden we had hope that he could sucker another team for gold. With O’Brien, we’re lucky to get wholesale value.

  5. Pinski

    hahahah. Man, you must really want to have Casey’s baby. Guzman > Casey. Sickels says he is LA’s No. 1 and BA agrees. Sean Casey is not worth any team’s no. 1 prospect. Heck he’s not even worth any teams no. 20 prospect.

  6. Pinski

    All he has is age? And scouts drool, not to mention tremdous power for a 19 year old.