Lots of transactions today, though no trades thus far.

First, Ryan Freel has been activated from the disabled list, and Austin Kearns has (finally) been recalled from AAA, where he was pounding the ball. Both of those items are good news.

Further, Anderson Machado and Kevin Kelly were each claimed off waivers today, by the Rockies and Nationals, respectively. Marc Lancaster has all the details.

In the final analysis, all of these are good news for the Reds. The team is stronger today than they were yesterday…though we still need pitching!

4 Responses

  1. al

    what was the point of calling kenny kelly up just to loose him? This organization makes no sense, ever.

  2. Jim McCullough

    Machado is gone?

    Praise the Lord!!!

  3. Peter

    Losing Kelly is by far the worst thing to happen this week, and he’s nothing more than a serviceable fifth outfielder.

    Losing Machado and Romano relieve us of someof the stupid roster choices OB keeps making…thank god.

    Getting Kearns and Freel back in the line-up make us a much better team. Freel gives us one of the best lead-off men in the NL (high OBP and steal success rate) and if Kearns has found his rookie stroke…look out.

    For the first time since Opening Day I’m a happy Reds fan.

    Oh yeah, we also pounded the scrubbies tonight.

    Go Reds!!!

  4. Peter

    Look at me…I’m using “us” to refer to the reds again instead of “them”.