So says John Fay, but there’s no word on who might be sent down to make room for him.

Someone please explain this to me:

If you base it simply on the numbers, it’s an easy call. Anderson Machado goes.

Machado had only one at-bat – he popped out trying to bunt – in his first eight games with the club. He pinch hit and struck out in the fifth inning Monday.

But Machado is out of options, so the Reds would have to put him on waivers and risk losing him to send him to the minors.

They weren’t willing to take that risk on July 6 when Machado’s rehab assignment ran out, even though he had hit .138 in 21 games at Louisville. They’ve been playing with essentially a 24-man roster since.

Who is going to claim Anderson Machado off waivers? And further, who cares?

2 Responses

  1. Tyler

    Seriously, this guy has never hit. No one is going to have him on their roster. If someone claims him, it’s their loss. It’s not like we haven’t found our SS of the future.

  2. Glenn

    Tyler, you are right. Machado will clear waivers. Who wants him? He’s all glove no stick. All the other MLB teams have hundreds of guys like him in their systems. Why add another? If the Reds lose him, what have they lost?