Here’s a game thread to discuss tonight’s action against the Fuzzy Cubbies.

Here’s something to discuss: why are we Reds fans? Take a look at this post at Red Reporter, and see if you can answer that question.

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  1. tom

    Born in 1936 and a Reds fan since I first understood the word ‘baseball’. What fun to go to Crosley Field with my Dad and three brothers. The trip from Trenton to the West End with the smell of the stockyards and the search for a parking place in what was not the best of neighborhoods. My favorite players were Big Ted Kluszewski, Euwell ‘the whip’ Blackwell, Smoky Burgess and later Frank Robinson and Vada Pinson. In 1961 I saw the Reds get off the bus at Yankee Stadium. Joey Jay was the ace of the staff in that World Series. What a thrill! In all these years there’s been some great teams, of course, but an awfull lot of so so teams too. But the great Yankee pitcher, Waite Hoyt, always made it interesting on WLW radio. Nothing like a summer night on the front porch listening to the ballgame, win or lose. When you grow up around Cincinnati you’re just naturally a baseball fan.