Reds Chatter today is written by Mike Ball

Talks about Reds that might be moved at the deadline…after a section on how Randa will probably be traded for a AA pitcher..

Of the core of Ken Griffey Jr., Adam Dunn, Wily Mo Peña, Austin Kearns and Sean Casey, who might be moved?

Judging by general manager Dan O’Brien’s comments, it seems the younger players would stay put.

That raises the question: Is Casey marketable?

Signed for $8.5 million next season, you’d have to wonder.

After hitting .324 with 24 homers and 99 RBI last season in only 146 games, you’d think so.

But Casey entered Saturday hitting .312 but with only three home runs and 38 RBI.

His RBI total is 19th among first basemen, and his slugging percentage of .400 was 38th.

To boot, he had hit into 21 double plays.

I hope Casey is traded, but it sure looks as if he has little value and the public would be up in arms if he were traded (fueled by the local knuckleheads on talk radio).

4 Responses

  1. Jim McCullough

    Somebody needs to motivate Casey into working a little harder in the offseason to shed some pounds and build some strength. He is just too weak physically to be a dominant hitter.

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    Would you say the same thing of Tony Gwynn?

    Casey has power potential, he’s just not getting any loft on the ball this year for whatever reason. His GB/FB ratio in 2005 is the highest in his career, by a large margin. Gives you a good idea of where all the double plays are coming from, too.

    That “38th” in SLG jumps out at me. There’s only 30 spots for full-time 1B in the major leagues, and there aren’t many back-up 1B because generally they’re not versatile enough to keep on the roster only to sit on the bench.

  3. Shawn

    Yes. Gwynn in his early career was a terrific player, athletic, excellent defender, very valuable. Later, as he gained weight, he mostly became a singles-hitting slug. His on-base skills were still good enough that he was valuable, but he was no longer one of the best players in the league.

    Casey was never that good, but if he doesn’t hit for power, even at .300 his average does not compensate for his lack of other skills.

  4. Chris

    And Gwynn’s effective career was certainly limited by his lack of conditioning. He only played more than 135 games once after the age of 30, and collected fewer than 350 ABs in his last 3 seasons combined.