The Reds have outrighted Jason Romano to L’Ville. He has 3 days to accept or reject the move.

No corresponding move was made, since the Reds don’t play until Friday and wanted to save a day’s major-league-roster pay. Speculation, of course, is that this clears the way for Kearns to return.

10 Responses

  1. al

    Seems a lot more likely that it will be freel or kenny kelly.

  2. Tyler

    I know Kelly’s on a rehab assignment, is he ready?

    I Freel ready either? I heard he was going to do a rehab assignment.

  3. Chad

    It was Kenny Kelly.

    Kearns continues to languish in AAA until Dunn is traded.

  4. Tyler

    Casey’s traded. Casey’s traded. Casey’s traded.

    Think positive. Don’t think about the fact DanO is running this team. Think positive, think positve.

  5. Chris

    Was Freel even DL’ed? Or is he one of the never-ending string of Reds who are “expected back in a day or two,” yet miss a month?

  6. Greg

    Yes, Freel is on the DL because he is getting ready for a rehab assignment.

    According to rotoworld, Kenny Kelly is being activated from the DL to replace Romano. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

  7. al

    on sat june 25 freel was placed on the 15 day dl retroactive to sun june 19th.

  8. Bill

    Anyone want to give odds of the Reds actually making a major deal (i.e. one that involves a name that actually means something) in the next 16 days?

  9. Greg

    Odds that the Reds will receive or send a name that actually means something?

  10. orangeandbrown

    Hey, look on the bright side…at least they didn’t decide they didn’t need Romano AND Kelly.