Who will manage the Reds in 2006? Will Jerry Narron “earn” the nod from Texas crony Dan O’Brien? Will O’Brien hit the pavement himself? Who else might be a candidate?

We’ve heard speculation Jim Leyland and Lou Pinella, and dreaming about Joe Torre and Davey Johnson.

I have my own pet idea – if Jim Tracy is fired by the Dodgers (possible, though he signed a 2-year contract extension after last season), he’d be a nice candidate. I think he’s an excellent manager, and he’s a Hamilton native and was in the Reds organization for several years in the 80s and 90s (Chatt. Mgr 89-91; Minor League Field Coordinator 1992).

I don’t know if anything would really make a difference – I’m beginning to notice that the one constant through 10 years of futility is John Allen – but Tracy’s a nice thought.

4 Responses

  1. Peter

    “I don’t know if anything would really make a difference”

    I agree. Bringing in old baseball men who bat the proven vets third and keep throwing the “closer” out there everyday aren’t the answer. But then again, Miley and Narron have had few choices. We’re throwing a softball team out there, all offense, nothing else.

  2. Chris

    I only take issue with that statement because so many people use it as a dig on the offense. “Just a bunch of softball guys,” you’ll hear from Larry Bowa or some such moron. It isn’t the offense’s fault that there’s no pitching.

  3. Peter

    I know it’s often used as a derogatory term, that’s why i put the qualifier “all offense” in there. i would love seeing the reds score runs like a softball team, i just wish we didn’t pitch and field like one.

  4. Todd Bute

    Well since Miley got fired and the backstabbing Narron (O’Brien-rat on Miley staff)isn’t winning either. Do you guys really think a proven manager would come to Cin.?? Guy’s the problem isn’t coaching. It starts in the Front office and when the clean that out our local high school coach will be able to do more with this team. At least Spring Training is almost here again….