Can the Reds continue their winning ways? They’ll have to overcome another double play grounded into by Sean Casey in the first inning if they want to win this one.

That’s 21 for St. Casey, still on pace to shatter the all-time Major League record for grounding into double plays.

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  1. Chad

    With every start by Milton, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the problem was Gullett. As suspected.

  2. Glenn

    Good question Chris. Milton is pitching better but I still don’t think anyone out there wants to tote around his salary. I think in all likelihood, he’s sticking around.
    Weathers is working on a job elsewhere. I can’t imagine the Reds wouldn’t want to trade his 35 year old arm off for a couple of prospects.

  3. Scott

    Milton looks like a guy, finally, who I would like to see my favorite guy running out to the mind every 5 days.

  4. Chad

    Ditto. Clayton might be my least favorite player in all of baseball.

    Other than Danny Graves, of course.

  5. Blue

    This is the wrong thread for this, but given the players that the Reds should trade, (Casey, Randa, Aurila, Mercker, Weathers,) why not trade for young relief pitchers, particularly lefthanded ones? The players we should trade aren’t going to get us front line starting pitching prospects, but we could really stack the bullpen if we traded for the best AA and AAA lefty relievers we could find.

    I think Bobby Basham and Josh Hall can come up and perform in the majors by the end of the season. My rotation would be Claussen, Harang, Milton, Basham, Hall. The bullpen would be Booker, Wagner, Belisle, Coffey, and three young lefties aquired via trade.

    Does anyone else think this team isn’t far away from being competing for the division next season, despite their terrible record this season?

  6. Glenn

    I agreed 100%. The Reds position players are pretty good. Its the pitching staff thats holding up success. In fact its the pitching that’s making the 2005 Reds a bad club. As you guys know, I’m still not sold on trading Casey so that Kearns can be an everyday player, but I’m onboard with the other trades you’ve mentioned. The Reds need to assemble a reliable pitching staff. I’d go out on a limb here and predict that if OB doesn’t make great strides toward doing just that, with these all-star break trades, he’ll be looking for a new job next season.

  7. Matt

    they are 14th in OBA but 1 and 14 are only a few points apart.

    They are near the top in Runs Scored with RISP…which is what is important.

    Who gives a shit about their batting average, do they score runs?

    Grande is an idiot

  8. Matt

    that should say batting average, not OBA