One of our own posters, Matt Malott was picked to be in John Fay’s article on trades the Reds should make. The print edition even has a picture of his ugly mug.

4 Responses

  1. Chad

    Matt’s suggestions were great, but most of the rest of those were just crazy talk.

    Most of the rest of the suggestions seem to be on the same track that O’Brien is already on, so why change anything?

  2. Matt

    My 15 minutes of fame are now up. Unfortanetly they didn’t print my suggestions on the lineup…which you all already know.

  3. Greg

    It’s funny when fans call into talk shows or get printed in the paper and mess up their own team player’s names. Although it wouldn’t surprise me too much if the first suggestor really did want Juan Encarnacion to come back to play THIRD BASE! 🙂