From this morning’s Enquirer

Lot’s of information about the people involved, but the part that got my attention:

Steiner thinks his group would be ideal for the Reds.

“We’d be very innovative and enthusiastic,” he said.

If they bought all of the available shares, that would give them 51% of the team. Whilte the partnership agreement calls for Lindner to be managing partner for life, I would think this would be negotiable or able to be broken by the majority owner of the team.

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  1. tom

    Sounds interesting. There seems to be a few Cincinnati natives in this group which is important because there’s always the fear that an out of town group would move the Reds, which isn’t going to happen. A number of years ago a Dolan from Cable Vision (from Cleveland, God forbid) showed an interest in the Reds, but that was quickly nixed.
    If they’ve got the money and are willing to spend and want to win, it could put the Reds on the right track.