What’s up with Ryan Wagner?

3 Responses

  1. Matt

    He’s a college closer that was rushed to the big leagues by a GM trying to save his job.

  2. orangeandbrown

    Yeah, this is starting to worry me. He had generally pitched well early, but is now getting lit up nearly every team on the field. I worry we may have lost him. He certainly looked like he had stuff when he came up. With all these situations, I often wonder if we aren’t going to find arm problems pretty soon. It is a logical possibility.

  3. Pinski

    Something to take a look at are his home and away splits are really really weird. He has a home ERA of 1.60 (45 IP) and a road ERA of 7.31 (28.1 IP).
    I can’t explain it, but his other rate stats do similar things.