Game thread.

Hey Jerry Narron: Free Adam Dunn!
Hey Dan O’Brien: Don’t trade Adam Dunn!

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  1. Blue

    Another poorly put together batting order. Aurilia second, Dunn sixth, Randa fifth, Casey third. I hope they trade Aurilia, Randa, and Casey soon so maybe they’ll have no choice but to order the lineup right.

  2. Chad

    Nice play by Junior to end the first inning. But I still hold my breath when he dives or slides.

  3. Chad

    And then a hard-hit double by Junior. Nice piece of hitting.

  4. Peter

    why do we always get screwed by the bottom of the other team’s order? ausmus owned us during the last series…and now matheny kicks our butt.

  5. Peter

    bases loaded no outs…and we get nothing.

  6. Glenn

    Harang’s poor W-L record has nothing to do with how he’s pitched. It’s been really weird. Whenever he pitches well, the lineup gives him no run support at all.

  7. Bill

    He sure appears to have pitched well last night.

  8. Greg

    He did seem to have good numbers last night (I didn’t watch the game.) Why was he pulled so early? Only 83 pitches? I would argue, like I did against Paul Wilson last year, that he largely deserves his record. If a pitcher can only remain in the game for 2/3rds of that game, then they are not going to have a W-L record that is necessarily reflective of their performance. Reds front office harped last year that Wilson should have had a better record than he did, so that’s why they re-signed him, BUT he didn’t rack up as many wins BECAUSE they have to go to the bullpen so early and so often.

    Harang went at least 7 innings in each of his 5 May starts. Not surprisingly, he was awarded a decision in 4 of those 5 starts (3-1 record.) He has only went 7 innings in 2 of his other 12 starts.

    The type of game where you can say Harang got screwed out of a win is on May 9th vs the Padres. He went 8 innings of 1-run baseball, left the game with a 5-1 lead just to see Wagner and Graves give it away in the 9th (and later lose in extra innings.)

    It’s been a tale of 2 seasons for Harang. First 10 starts, he was 4-2, 2.97 ERA, 1.11 WHIP. Over his last 7 starts (including last night) he was 0-6, 5.91 ERA, 1.45 WHIP.

    Performances like last night are encouraging, and I hope it is the beginning of a turnaround for him.