JD at Red Reporter reports (naturally enough) that while Washington is interested in Eric Milton, the Reds are refusing to even return Bowden’s phone calls because they “don’t want to help Jim (Bowden) win.”

Of all the things…

Is this Allen’s vendetta or O’Brien’s fear? Either way, I can’t see how eliminating one of the few teams interested in your players could be helpful. There’s some sort of emotion driving this team’s moves, and it isn’t a burning desire to win.

Anyway, here’s the original story, from the Washington Times.

JD has a great line, of course: “It seems to me that giving Jim Eric Milton would be a good way to ensure that Jim doesn’t win, but whatever.”


O’Brien is denying this in the DDN this morning
O’Brien is in Billings, Mont., with the club’s Pioneer Rookie League team and laughed aloud when the report was read to him.

“I’ve probably not talked to Jim in about 10 days,” he said. “I explained to him at that time that our manager, Jerry Narron, and the coaches asked me for 10 days to two weeks to get a handle on our personnel. He said he would get back to me then.”

O’Brien paused and laughed again before saying, “I got an e-mail from Jim Bowden today giving me his new e-mail address.”

O’Brien said not much is active on the trade front anywhere right now, “But I expect appreciable activity to pick up during the All-Star Game.”

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  1. Bill

    This got coverage in today’s Enquirer also.

    First, the story had to come from Bowden and we all know what a lyin’ sack he is…so that part you have to take with a grain of salt, nevertheless…

    If anyone called you about Milton, wouldn’t the first words out of your mouth be “yes”? No matter what the offer was?

    “OB, we’re willing to give you a bag of used BP balls and three old dirty stretched out jocks for Eric Milton.”

    “Yes, yes, praise the lord, yes!!!”

    “We want you to pay 1/2 of his salary for the length of his contract.”

    “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.”

    Seriously, I hate paying part of a player’s salary for him to play elsewhere, but in this case it would be worth it.

    It’d be better than paying it all and have him losing games here.

    In addition, by all indications the payroll is going down after the season, so someone is going to have to go. If you get rid of Milton, it might mean it isn’t someone good.

  2. Glenn

    Bill’s right. Bowden is a lying sack. So why does anyone put any crediblity into anything he says? He started some crap a couple of weeks ago about Kearns. It may have started some bad feelings between him and OB that still contributes to keeping Kearns in Louisville.
    I think the Reds should adopt this position. If Bowden has anything to do with any trades, press releases or player news, they should consider it a lie. That way Bowden can never again inject his poison into this franchise.

  3. Chris

    Yes, it’s definitely Jim Bowden’s fault that this organization is a 100% mess. He’s the one who acquired Milton and Ortiz. He’s the one who chose to start Aurilia over Lopez. He’s the one in love with Jason Romano and Andy Machado. He’s the one who sent Kearns to AAA and wants to play Olmedo in the outfield. That stupid Bowden and his poison.

  4. Greg

    Of course, O’Brien is speaking the truth when he says his coaches need a couple of weeks to evaluate the players. These coaches were on Miley’s staff! Either none of them were watching games that Miley coached or O’Brian is the lying sack….

    I’d like to see someone from the media pose that question. If Narron has been in with the team since Sarasota, why does he need 2 weeks to evaluate players? What is he doing in two weeks that he didn’t notice in 5+ months??

  5. Tyler

    Since when does an interim coaching staff have a say in personel decisions. That’s O’Briens job. He’s been watching games all year, he SHOULD know what he wants to do with the team, but he doesn’t. He has no plan. Get someone with some imagination. This is terrible.

  6. Chris

    O’Brien is more interested in what’s “fair” to his hold Texas boy Narron than in putting together the best ballclub for the future. Actually, both Narron and O’Brien are hoping this club wins 10 straight, so they can say, “when we had the talent, we did well.” The idea being, of course, keeping their jobs.

    Then they can trade Dunn for more Jason Romanos and Jung Bongs.

  7. Glenn

    I didn’t say any of the Reds current problems are Bowden’s fault. OB has brought most of the current issues on himself.
    What I did say was that Bowden is a lying sack. I stand by that whole heartedly.

  8. Chris

    Let’s say you’re right. Does that mean the Reds should refuse to trade with him? If Bowden is interested in Milton, why not make the dang deal?

  9. Glenn

    Getting rid of Milton might be a deal the Reds can’t pass up. However, if the deal is made w/Bowden don’t expect to accomplish anything more than getting rid of Milton. I’d compare it to trading a lame horse for a dead one. I’d further caution that once you start dealing with the lying sack, it might start the team down a slippery slope, thinking that Bowden can be trusted.
    I guess its pretty apparent. I don’t trust Bowden as far as I could throw him. I place no blame on him for the Reds current disaster. I reserve that for Linder/Allen and OB. They are doing such a bad job, I’m afraid that eventually they will make the Bowden days look good.

  10. Greg

    I’m not quite sure you could qualify the Bowden days as bad.


    I look down this list and I see a lot more quality service time on the list of names he received than on the list of names he gave up. I also see a lot of moves he made that give us some of the players we have now…his trade of Bobby Ayala and Dan Wilson for Bret Boone has blossomed into Wily Mo Pena and Edwin Encarnacion. He drafted Kearns and Dunn, and traded Dessens for Felipe Lopez. A pretty solid core on offense.

    Yes, his abilities in the pitching department were weaker, but when the money was there he would go get the David Wells, Juan Guzmans, and Denny Neagles. He’d get lucky with a Pete Shourek or Pete Harnisch…and the bullpen was typically very good under Bowden. The lack of drafting/developing good starting pitchers, mixed with bad luck in the retread department and no money to get the good free agent was a recipe for disaster and left us with the teams of 2001-2004.

    I think it is interesting that Bowden has a team in first place this late into the year with the 2nd best record in the NL. The Nats don’t have the best offense in the world, but they do carry the 4th best ERA in the NL. Three starters with ERAs under 4 and 4 solid relievers. He adds one solid bat and another solid pitcher and the Nats will make some noise in the playoffs this year.

  11. Greg

    BTW – Reds are dead last in NL ERA and NL OPS against while being FIRST in OPS and 2nd in total runs scored.

    Seems like the Reds have half the equation down pat, thanks to Bowden. Now, we need to hire someone who can recognize and sign good pitching….too bad they couldn’t get Matt Clement this past offseason.

  12. Chris

    The problem was O’Brien’s “quantity over quality” strategy. Not to armchair psychoanalyze, but I think it’s a result of his timid/conservative nature. Superstars cost a lot more, but they’re also much better bets than middle-of-the-pack guys. Even without the benefit of hindsight, who wouldn’t preferr Pedro Martinez at $11M (plus a “Reds premium”) plus two rookies to the Three Stooges?