JD at Red Reporter reports (naturally enough) that while Washington is interested in Eric Milton, the Reds are refusing to even return Bowden’s phone calls because they “don’t want to help Jim (Bowden) win.”

Of all the things…

Is this Allen’s vendetta or O’Brien’s fear? Either way, I can’t see how eliminating one of the few teams interested in your players could be helpful. There’s some sort of emotion driving this team’s moves, and it isn’t a burning desire to win.

Anyway, here’s the original story, from the Washington Times.

JD has a great line, of course: “It seems to me that giving Jim Eric Milton would be a good way to ensure that Jim doesn’t win, but whatever.”


O’Brien is denying this in the DDN this morning
O’Brien is in Billings, Mont., with the club’s Pioneer Rookie League team and laughed aloud when the report was read to him.

“I’ve probably not talked to Jim in about 10 days,” he said. “I explained to him at that time that our manager, Jerry Narron, and the coaches asked me for 10 days to two weeks to get a handle on our personnel. He said he would get back to me then.”

O’Brien paused and laughed again before saying, “I got an e-mail from Jim Bowden today giving me his new e-mail address.”

O’Brien said not much is active on the trade front anywhere right now, “But I expect appreciable activity to pick up during the All-Star Game.”

4 Responses

  1. Glenn

    Bill’s right. Bowden is a lying sack. So why does anyone put any crediblity into anything he says? He started some crap a couple of weeks ago about Kearns. It may have started some bad feelings between him and OB that still contributes to keeping Kearns in Louisville.
    I think the Reds should adopt this position. If Bowden has anything to do with any trades, press releases or player news, they should consider it a lie. That way Bowden can never again inject his poison into this franchise.

  2. Tyler

    Since when does an interim coaching staff have a say in personel decisions. That’s O’Briens job. He’s been watching games all year, he SHOULD know what he wants to do with the team, but he doesn’t. He has no plan. Get someone with some imagination. This is terrible.

  3. Glenn

    I didn’t say any of the Reds current problems are Bowden’s fault. OB has brought most of the current issues on himself.
    What I did say was that Bowden is a lying sack. I stand by that whole heartedly.

  4. Glenn

    Getting rid of Milton might be a deal the Reds can’t pass up. However, if the deal is made w/Bowden don’t expect to accomplish anything more than getting rid of Milton. I’d compare it to trading a lame horse for a dead one. I’d further caution that once you start dealing with the lying sack, it might start the team down a slippery slope, thinking that Bowden can be trusted.
    I guess its pretty apparent. I don’t trust Bowden as far as I could throw him. I place no blame on him for the Reds current disaster. I reserve that for Linder/Allen and OB. They are doing such a bad job, I’m afraid that eventually they will make the Bowden days look good.