Again from the DDN

Speaking of Dunn, he was seated in front of a laptop computer before Wednesday’s game, watching a DVD of his at-bat in the fourth inning Tuesday. He was called out on strikes and never swung at any of the three pitches umpire Paul Schreiber called strikes.

“I never argue with an umpire, but I did then,” he said.

Manager Jerry Narron had to push Dunn away from Schreiber.

“Look at this video and tell me if these are strikes,” Dunn said.

Dunn punched up the pitches. Two of the pitches called strikes were a foot outside, with one nearly in the dirt. The other was a foot inside.

“I couldn’t hit any of those if I tried,” he said.

Nice blurb by McCoy. I’ve read where guys with good eyes (like Mantle, Gwynn, etc), get the benefit of the doubt from the umps. When does Dunn start to deserve this or does the publicity of his strikeouts outweigh the fact that he’s got a great eye for the strike zone?