Can the Reds make it three in a row? Luke Hudson takes his 10.18 ERA to the hill to see if he can lead the team to another victory against the Giants.

Don’t hold your breath.

At least there isn’t a lefty on the mound, so perhaps Dunn won’t hit in the bottom third of the lineup.

2 Responses

  1. Chad

    Tonight’s lineup:


    1. Lopez SS
    2. Dunn LF
    3. Randa 3B
    4. Griffey CF
    5. Casey 1B
    6. Aurillia 2B
    7. Pena RF
    8. LaRue C
    9. Hudson P


    1. Sanchez RF
    2. Vizquel SS
    3. Snow 1B
    4. Feliz 3B
    5. Durham 2B
    6. Tucker LF
    7. Matheny C
    8. Ellison CF
    9. Correia P