Found this on Yahoo, which quotes “”.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a published report said the Astros have been working on a deal to acquire Dunn for prospects Ezequiel Astacio, Taylor Buchholz and Fernando Nieve . But Houston GM Tim Purpura said the rumored trade was a “media fabrication.”

Then it talks about him possibly going to St. Louis:

The Cincinnati Reds have had scouts in Memphis recently looking at pitching prospects Adam Wainwright and Anthony Reyes in anticipation of a potential deal with St. Louis that could involve Adam Dunn.

While it is highly unlikely that the Cardinals will part with their Top Prospect, Anthony Reyes. it is possible a deal could be made with Reds to bring Dunn to St. Louis.

The article finishes by singing Dunn’s praises as one of the best young power hitters in the game. Praise he rarely, if ever, receives in the Cincinnati media.

13 Responses

  1. Glenn

    Certainly, the Reds wouldn’t be so stupid as to trade Dunn to a team inside their own division!

  2. Tyler

    Especially the Cards. They have no real exciting prospects. Reyes can’t stay healthy. Just what we need, another injury prone prospect.

    The Dodgers are the only team with enough to make a Dunn trade worth it, and they’re not going to give us what we should get for him, so he should stay.

    I would want Billingsley, LaRoche, and Guzman if we traded Dunn, and that’s not happening.

  3. Mike

    I’m getting sick to my stomach picturing him in an opponents uniform.

  4. Peter

    We should take a collection and put a full page ad in the Enquirer begging the reds not to trade Dunn…

  5. Chad

    I agree, Matt and Peter. Good idea. Anyone have any idea how much that would cost?

  6. mike

    With the amount of people in blogland it shouldn’t be hard to organize something. What would be great is if we had the total price and you could pay via Paypal and see our running total as people donate. That would encourage people to give. Any web developers that would be willing to give it a shot?

  7. Peter

    I guess someone could call the Enquirer and find out pricing for a full page ad…and it should be done fairly quickly, the trade deadline is coming up.

  8. ElBirdo

    I know the talk about Dunn to the Cards is speculation and highly doubtful. As a Card fan I would love to have him, but there are “fans” who thinks he’d be a liability. Stupid, I know. Anyway my real question is do any of you guys know what his contract is ie years long, $?

  9. Blue

    Dunn is up for abitration for the first time this offseason. At the beginning of this season, most people seemed to think he’d pull in about $10 million. Peter Gammons also said at the beginning of the year that O’Brien would have the money to sign him to a long term deal.

    We shall see…

  10. Chris

    Here are the Enquirer’s rates.

    It’s priced by the inch, but I don’t know if that’s column inches, square inches, or what. Price is something like $150/inch on weekdays, and more on Sundays.

    My fiance works for an ad agency. I’ll ask her tonight.

  11. Bill

    Wasn’t Dunn arbitration eligible this year, but the Reds and he agreed to a one year deal?

  12. Tyler

    Yes. Teams would always rather sign a guy than go to arbitration. It gets nasty there. They have to bad mouth their own player to try and keep his salary down. He signed to a similar amount he would have gotten in arbitration though.