Here’s a game thread for tonight’s game on the west coast.

Eric Milton vs. Noah Lowry. I hope the wind isn’t blowing out in San Francisco, or Milton might set a record. Can you imagine if Barry Bonds were healthy? He might hit seven homers off Milton.

8 Responses

  1. Chad

    Hey! Casey legged one out to beat out the double play!


    Of course, he hit another weak grounder, but still….

  2. Chad

    Good thing Dunn bats seventh against lefties. He clearly can’t hit them.

    Nice HR, Dunner.

  3. Chad

    Kearns has three HR tonight, as well.

    Just not for the Reds.

  4. Chad

    Okay, recovered them all.

    And Milton’s actually settled down thru six, so things are looking better.

  5. Tyler

    Go Kearns!!!!!!!!!

    Also, Nice to see a quality start from Milton. Although it hurts his chances at the ERA record.