I was looking over some minor league stats trying to find something to get excited about. There actually IS are some things at Chattanooga to get excited about.

Phil Dumatrait
Phil was awesome in his first 4 years in the minors with Boston, and Cincy, and then missed all of last year. He seems to be getting back to where he left off in 2003. His K/IP isn’t that great, and he still walks to much, but he doesn’t give up a lot of homers which is nice considering our current staff. This year he looks like this:

14 GS, 3.00 ERA, 58 ks, 38 BB, 3 HR in 78 IP.

I am assuming from these numbers (and they look similar to his pre-injury numbers, that he is a ground ball pitcher, which would make sense at our ballpark. Phil will be 24 on July 12th. Let’s hope he gets a look next year.

Josh Hall

Another guy that missed last year with injuries. He had a very nice minor league career until his injury. He looks to be doing quite well this year so far.

8 GS, 2.16 ERA, 42 ks, 12 BB, 3 HR, 50 IP.

Josh turns 25 in December. He also needs a shot next year.