Our number 3 hitter has scored 1 person from 1B this year! ONE PERSON FROM 1B!!!!. In other words unless he comes up with men on 2nd or 3rd he RARELY gets an RBI. BTW, he also has 19 GIDP. .300 hitters can be hitting .300 and still be slumping.

5 Responses

  1. Shawn

    In all fairness, Casey is not doing particularly badly but he’s not doing particularly well either. He’s 30–time for a trade.

  2. Matt

    Is it fair for the 17th most productive first baseman to bat 3rd every day? Is it fair to have a guy grounding into 19 double plays continue to kill rallies? Is it fair to pay a guy 8 Million dollars to put up sub .800 OPS while playing the easiest position on the Diamond to replace? OH but he is a nice guy….and Chad named his kid after him.

  3. DevilsAdvocate

    Take it easy, there.

    Casey’s 2004 was extremely good – he was arguably more valuable than Dunn last year. Was it really that much of a fluke season? I didn’t think so, and most Reds fans agreed…but he’s just got no loft on the ball this year. While he still has value hitting the way he is right now, it’s vastly reduced compared to last year.

    When you’re talking about the batting order, or pay scale, however, that’s absolutely not his fault. Miley and Narron are simply putting him in a situation where he is more likely to fail. We shouldn’t blame him any more for that than we should blame Dunn for not having enough sacrifice flies. And why should Sean be blamed when it’s O’Brien who decided to pick up the 2006 option before he could be sure that Casey could follow up on last year’s success?

  4. Blue

    Austin Kearns is 2 for 2 with 2 2R-HRs, in the second inning in the AAA game. I sure hope this guy lives up to his early promise.

  5. Peter

    Not that it’s a big deal, but he’s also struck out 18 times in 18 games. I’ll take 162 K’s if he can hit .320 with 30 homers. If.