Game thread…for both games! Enjoy.

I’d like to be at the ballyard, as I’ve only been fortunate enough to attend one doubleheader — Reds and the Phils at The Vet a few years back, when Pete Rose Jr. was getting his cup of coffee.

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  1. Glenn

    Is it my imagination or is Ortiz starting to pitch a little better? I mean he have to be HOF material to make up for how he’s pitched so far, but it seems these last few starts he was in the ball game.

  2. Glenn

    Bill, I’d already forgot about that sart that only lasted 3 innings. But I think you’d have to admit, the Reds staff is so bad, going 3 innings almost qualifies as a quality start. Will the bleeding ever stop?

  3. Glenn

    Last night on ESPN’s Baseball tonight, Jeff Brantley blistered the Reds. He said the Reds can’t pitch, hit or field and the organization is in disarray. He called the organization a joke several times before finishing with the “embarrasment to the City of Cincinnati” quote.
    In about 2 minutes of air time, Brantley hit all the highlights. As I recall, he called for a top to bottom sweep of this organization. He’s right on the money.
    Very vocal, very out front and direct critisim of the Reds’ front office might put some pressure on Uncle Carl to do the right thing. This organization needs an extreme makeover, and I’m not sure it can happen with John Allen running the show.
    I only disagreed with Brantley on one regard. A sweep might not get it done. A Purge might be in order!