Whats this guy gotta do to get the call?

Chatt. 04-08 05-26 188 40 62 17 3 7 26 17 38 4 3 .391 .564 .330 .955
Lou. 05-26 06-28 106 15 35 2 1 6 26 10 15 3 1 .385 .538 .330 .923

Why didn’t they give him the call over Romano? He’s pretty much going to be a career 4th outfielder in the majors anyway, and he can actually hit. He probably plays the infield as well as Romano too, for all we know. 🙂

Denorfia is getting clarked big time.


5 Responses

  1. Blue

    I think this is another 40 man roster deal. I think Denorfia is staying in AAA because he is NOT going to be a career fourth outfielder. He plays a decent centerfield, and could be very good in rightfield. Baseball America rated him as the Reds best minor league outfield arm. He has also appeared on Baseball America’s “Daily Dish” two of the last three weeks, not as a top 20 player, but listed as “in the team photo”.

    But again, you’re dislike of Jason Romano is completely without merit. Romano has also put up good numbers at AAA, and has performed well enough to remain on the team. You simply don’t want to give him a chance because he is Dan O’Brien’s boy.

  2. Blue

    By the way, when I say he’s staying in AAA because he is not a fourth outfielder, I mean he’s staying there so he can get regular at bats.

  3. Pinski

    Romano’s AAA numbers since 2001:

    0.315/*.400/*850 – 3sb [41g]
    0.310/0.338/733 – 8sb [31g]
    0.270/0.329/712 – 10sb [48g]
    0.306/0.336/817 – 10sb [57g]
    0.337/0.347/844 – 3sb [40g]
    0.308/0.349/804 – 5sb [56g]

    looks to be good for about 300-310/330-340/800, but those are in AAA.

    How do those number translate to the majors? I would guess they translate into about 290/300-310/700. Which to me sounds like a 4th OF or a career minor leaguer.

  4. Blue

    “I see nothing from his professional career to say he will be much more than a backup outfielder.”

    Neither do I, and that is exactly the role he is playing now.

    I was saying that Denorfia is more than a career 4th outfielder.

  5. Steve

    I believe he has the ability to become a day to day outfielder for most major league teams. Even in his short time in the bigs last season he hit a dinger in his second at bat, then made a diving catch in left a few nights later… the kid can play and will prove it if given the chance.