Fay writes an article today entitled “Allen mum on O’Brien’s future”

Not much information, but it does make you wonder how, unless they play better ball in the second half, O’Brien can escape being held accountable.

5 Responses

  1. Glenn

    Wow, the silence is deafening. If I’m OB, I start working on my resume.
    And by the way, you poker guys get off this website! You’re starting to bug me!

  2. Blue

    If O’Brien just trades Casey (to allow Dunn to play first, and Kearns the outfield,) Randa, Aurilia, Weathers, Mercker, and gets some good lefthanded relievers for the bullpen, I think this team will be in fantastic shape going forward. Phil Dumatrait should be ready by September (if not earlier) and Bobby Basham can probably make it to the majors by then too. These guys are pitchers with numbers that indicate they would be well suited to pitch at GABP.

    If they get some lefty relievers, this team can have a very good bullpen with perfect balance, much better starting pitching, great offense, and good defense. That sounds like a pretty good combination.

  3. Glenn

    It appears that the Reds will make some trades soon and pitching is always the goal. I just don’t see the Reds getting front line quality pitching with the players they have to offer. I’m tired of the Jim Bowden, bottom feeding senario. I’d be more inclined to wait out this season. Clear some payroll by not resigning some of the one year contracts that will expire, then use the money to pay for some decent free agent pitchers. (Not Milton-esque free agents) I think it was Chris that hit the nail on the head. The Reds spent a whole lot more $ this year, but they didn’t spend it wisely.

  4. Glenn

    By the way guys, this season is shot, but as bad as the Reds are, wholesale dismemberment of the team is not a good idea. Position playerwise, the Reds are in pretty good shape. An upgrade in catcher would be in order. However, if I were king, there probably wouldn’t more than about five of the current pitching staff that would be wearing Reds uniforms next year. (Harang, Claussen, Wagner, possibly Hudson. I’d include Merker but I think he’ll be traded away this season) There may be others but again, if I’m king they have got very little time left to prove themselves.

  5. Blue

    I’d save all my money this offseason for signing some position players to long term deals. I’d rely on the minor leagues to provide two starting pitchers. They’ve got some guys who are close, Dumatrait, (though he got rocked tonight,) Basham, Gardner, (though he has pitched poorly on the season, he was bothered by tendonitis and looked good before going on the DL again,) then there is always Steve Kelly, and the off chance that Bailey would move very quickly.

    And don’t forget Todd Coffey as a player who has to return to the bullpen.