From the Enquirer, a little new Kearns information.

O’Brien would not say how long Kearns will be down, but getting his hitting stroke in order is only one part of the equation.

The Reds weren’t happy with the shape Kearns is in. He was playing at 255 pounds when optioned.

Asked if the club wanted Kearns to improve his conditioning, O’Brien said: “There’s certain elements to the overall program that I would just as soon not comment on. Let’s just say it is a diverse program, covering quite a few components.”

First I’d heard of this. Is it true or is it just a reason to leave him at Louisville?

2 Responses

  1. Brian Erts

    First I’d heard of this. Is it true or is it just a reason to leave him at Louisville?

    It’s true, the oter teams announcers mentioned it in April and May at least 4 times, O’Brien has mentioned it, and people who have seen him live (in AAA) have mentioned it on some of the chat boards.

    His mobility has changed.. in 2 years he went from a guy who could play CF to a 1st baseman Type of body.

  2. Glenn

    Now there are going to be some real hard feelings. Kearns says he asked for a trade and OB told him no one was interested. Everyone jumped on OB, calling him a liar. Now OB comes back and says that Kearns never asked for a trade and stated that he wanted to finish his career as a Red. Someone’s not telling the truth. I’m glad OB directly addressed the question but I hope this doesn’t degenerate into the type of situation it was with Bowden.

    Anyone remember the Ron Oester manager negotiation/offer? When I hear Bowden poking his nose into the Reds’ affairs, (trading for Dunn and Kearns) I get a little mad. Bowden’s a worm, who sets up people for failure for his own benefit.