According to the Enquirer, the player to be called up to replace Kelly looks to be Edwin Encarnacion.

Don’t be surprised if it’s third baseman Edwin Encarnacion who is with the team when they open a three-game series in Cleveland tonight. As of Thursday, an Edwin Encarnacion was registered at the Reds’ hotel in Cleveland.

Kearns said he doesn’t expect to get the call, and Reds general manager Dan O’Brien said on his radio show that calling up Kearns was “highly unlikely.”

This decision might make sense for the weekend, when the Reds will be using the DH, but after that, does it make any sense for him to be sittng on the bench for a last place team?

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  1. Tom

    I agree with Bill, you don’t bring Encarnacion up to sit the bench. It only makes sense to bring him up if they deal Randa to open up a spot for him.


  2. Chad

    This is absurd. An outfielder is hurt, yet they refuse to bring up Kearns.

    They’re screwing with that kid’s head, and from all indications, Kearns is susceptible to that type of thing.

  3. Glenn

    If Encarnation is on the roster, I wouldn’t expect to see Randa much longer. I wonder what sore armed pitcher the Reds will get for him?

  4. Mike

    I’m not sure why we’re all jumping on the poor Austin bandwagon all of a sudden. Does anyone honestly disagree with sending Kearns down? He had zero confidence, was consistently bad in May through June (650 OPS) where he played just about every day, and the outfield was full with better hitters. How do you start a guy with those numbers? Doesn’t it make more sense to get AB’s in Louisville for the time being?

    While I’ll agree that if Kearns’ comments are true, then this wasn’t handled well by O’Brien, but to say that it is ridiculous to keep him down for long, I just don’t see it. Why is he asking for a trade when he’s in the middle of an awful slump? Take the assignment, improve and come back to play. He was given every opportunity early in the season.

    Let him play down there for at least a month, prove he has his stroke back and then bring him up.

  5. Tyler

    The management has handled every potential dramatic situation terribly. All of the Dunn stuff, Kearns, even Graves was handled poorly. They ran him out there, never took his job from him, then cut him.

    Austin could benifit from this assignment, but they should have handled the way it went down much better. Don’t lie to the guy.

    As for keeping him down, he’s destroying the ball in AAA. As he should. I expect him to hit .375/.420/.700 there and that is what he’s hitting right now. It will not tail off, then what does Dan O’ do? Does he have a plan?

  6. Greg

    The Cubs were able to deal their disgruntled, highly paid, poorly performing closer to the Giants for TWO pitching prospects, one of which is a potential STUD with quality major league experience: Jerome Williams. Remember that name for the Reds shall fear it. In the same month the Cubs made this deal, the Reds pay Danny Graves to leave the team and later sign with the Mets.

    Which GM got the most out of a bad situation?

    O’Brien needs to go NOW!

    Jim Bowden is foaming at the mouth to make a deal for one of the Reds outfielders…he has ALWAYS LOVED Wily Mo and has proven he’ll overpay for him. Why isn’t O’Brien even answering his phone calls or e-mails?

    O’Brien needs to go NOW!

    Which GM signed and traded for the 3 stooges: Wilson, Milton, and Ortiz to be the 1-2-3 starters of this ball club? These guys wouldn’t fit the 5th starter role of most teams. The Reds have a #4 (Harang), #5(Claussen), and three #7 guys in their rotation.

    O’Brien needs to go NOW!

  7. Joel

    I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that O’Brien wants to reply to Bowden’s emails but he lost his password to his email account. He’s put a call into the Reds Helpdesk, but I guess they’re too busy with everything else that is broken in the organization. He’s in the queue though.

  8. Greg

    Sarcasm? Or does his phone use the same password?

  9. Chris

    I hacked into the Reds system. I wasn’t able to get O’Brien’s password, but I did get the security clue – apparently O’Brien picked a password that fits his mental state:

    Clue: What is the name of ABC’s hit drama about castaways?

  10. Chris

    It looks like he found out I’d hacked him – he just changed it to something else near to his heart:

    Clue: What’s the last name of the star of “Everybody Loves Raymond”?