In today’s Enquirer:

On Ruhle’s first task:

Job 1 for new Reds pitching coach Vern Ruhle has to be to get Eric Milton, the club’s $25.5 million left-hander, back to being an effective pitcher.

So what is Ruhle’s plan? Let Milton fix himself.

“For the most part, he’s going to be self-coached,” Ruhle said. “There are no major adjustments to be made.”

I can understand Ruhle not wanting to jump right in because he doesn’t know these pitchers, but to say that there are no major adjustments that need to be made is ludicrous.

On Kevin Kelly going on the DL:

The most obvious move would be to promote Austin Kearns from Triple-A Louisville, because the designated hitter is available for the Cleveland series.

Kearns is hitting .346 with three RBI for the Bats in seven games since he was optioned to Louisville.

“I haven’t heard anything. I’m still here in Charlotte,” Kearns said.

He said he didn’t expect to be called up.

“If they want me to get at-bats, they’re probably not going to do it, because I would play three games and take a seat.”


General manager Dan O’Brien said no decision had been made on who will get the call. But he said Kearns was merely being given a day off for the Bats. (Kearns didn’t play on Wednesday.)

Outfielder Jason Romano, who went 2-for-3 with a home run and scored three runs as the Bats beat Charlotte 7-4 Wednesday, is a possibility.

If they would ever call up Romano over Kearns, that would be the height of insanity, IMO.

The clock is ticking on shortstop Anderson Machado’s rehab assignment at Louisville. Anderson is 12 days through the assignment, which has a 20-day limit, and he has not begun to hit.

Through Tuesday, Machado had one single in 28 at-bats (.036).

When the 30 days are up, Machado will force a decision because he’s out of options.

Bergolla, we hardly knew ye. Machado is another of O’Brien’s boys…here he comes.

8 Responses

  1. Tyler

    Well, Ramano does bring all that big league experience to the team. He’ll probably get the call.

  2. Glenn

    If its Romano,instead of Kearns, hold on to your hats. The boys in the clubhouse are not going to be happy.

  3. Tyler

    And they shouldn’t be! The job of a GM is to put the best possible team on the field, and if good ol’ Jason is called up, then they are not doing that.

    I think the players would see it as a slap in the face by the front office. Especially Dunn. There would definitly be some disention.

  4. Tyler

    I meant should in the first sentence.

    Proof read Tyler!

  5. Glenn

    Kearns, even if his swing is not as good as it has been, is still a better ballplayer than Romano on his best day.
    The Reds need to do some repair on their team chemistry. Bringing back Austin Kearns would be a long way toward helphing out that situation.

  6. Michael

    I have just opposite opinion Glenn.

    I’d say continue to let Kearns get his swing and confidence back. Move forward. AFTER whatever trades are made that will be made this year then bring Kearns back to finish out season.

  7. Michael

    He has only had 26 at bats.

    And there is still nothing changed with the big club since he left. He’d still be sharing time or behind in depth chart.

  8. Tyler

    Casey needs to go

    Kearns needs to stay.

    Dunn is right, if he plays a whole healthy season .315/25Hr/100RBI’s will happen.