Rich Aurilia on Miley’s firing:

“It’s a step in the right direction.”

From Kent Mercker:’s not going to fix anything. It’s not their fault we’re leaving balls up in the zone. It’s not his fault we’re falling behind hitters and having to give in a little bit and giving up home runs. It’s not Miley’s fault that we’re getting picked off first base. It’s not Miley’s fault that we missed the hit and run sign and got a guy thrown out at second base.”

On Don Gullett:


People think someone is to blame. Ultimately the responsibility is on my shoulders. To blame Gully would be wrong. It’s not his fault. He can only tell you how to do it

Paul Wilson:

He was always the kind of guy that wouldn’t over-analyze, would more or less let you figure things out for yourself while at the same time giving you a push in the right direction. He never tried to bury you with his theories or his ideas.

3 Responses

  1. Tyler

    Does the Bad Man think he’s going to get more PT now that Miley’s. As soon as Freel is back, it’ll be back to a platoon role for him. He needs to be disposed of.

  2. Michael

    That’s alot of nerve for Aurilia to make that comment.

    Aurilia was flat out outplayed by Lopez. He was given the job initially (likely as “promised”). If he really said that, to make a comment like that is weak of Aurilia.

    Further confirms that he was probably using steroids in san francisco. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

  3. Pinski

    You missed this quote from Aurilia on

    “I’ve played with some managers who are great communicators and others who weren’t,” Rich Aurilia said. “I just think [in Miley’s case] that it may have helped if there was a little more communication, if some guys knew what their roles were. The game’s changed from 20 years ago, in a sense that you’re more of a manager, in my opinion, of personalities and people than the game.

    “There’s only a certain number of decisions that can be made in a game that determine the outcome. But in a clubhouse of 25 different personalities and people, it helps to get to know the guys, what they like and dislike. It helps to get to know, ‘Hey, how many kids you got?'”