Bill linked to this story below, but I wanted to point out a couple of passages. This may be the most accurate thing that Paul Daugherty has ever written. Kudos to Mr. Daugherty:

Miley was in over his head. He got the managing job because he was loyal, humble and cheap.

Who hired him?

O’Brien hasn’t showed that he’s any better at his job than Miley was at his. O’Brien’s two prize free-agent pitchers – Milton and Ramon Ortiz – throw batting practice two out of every five nights, starting at 7:10. O’Brien signed off on Paul Wilson’s multi-year deal even as he knew Wilson’s shoulder was Spam. And so on. O’Brien looks to be in over his head. He got the general manager’s job because he was loyal, humble and cheap.

Who hired him?

The only constant in the Reds’ five-year losing streak is a well-intentioned man who is in over his head. That’d be chief operating officer John Allen, who keeps his job because he’s loyal, humble and ….

Who retained him?

The same loyal, humble, spectacularly philanthropic and benevolent man. Carl Lindner.

During the dregs of the Lost Decade, people asked me a lot about Mike Brown. What kind of guy is he? For 10 years, my answer was the same: He’s a good man who doesn’t know how to run his football team. I don’t know Carl Lindner well. I know him through his actions. He is a good man. Who doesn’t know how to run his baseball team.


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  1. Pinski

    This isn’t the first of such articles written in the last week or two.
    This article written by Ken Rosenthal was in the last edition of The Sporting News.

  2. Glenn

    As Gammons and Brantley mentioned on Baseball Tonight, Linder and Allen are nice guys but they don’t know what they’re doing and they are killing this organization.