I’m not saying that firing Miley will accomplish anything. Even if they would fire the coaching staff, which I don’t believe they’ll do, it won’t make any difference this year.

But when does the organization make the decision that, if they don’t want to have 10,000 people a game for the rest of the year, they have to make a move…even if only for PR’s sake? (Like John Allen’s trip to Colorado.)

The Reds are 5-7 since Allen made his trip to Colorado. They beat up on the pathetic Devil Rays and put a pretty good beating on the first place Orioles.

But since then they’ve been humilitaed by the World Champions and lost the first two of a series to the Braves. And tonight’s game looks like a sure loss with Eric “HardHat’s Needed” Milton going for the Reds. That’ll be 6 straight losses, with the next 9 games against teams with above .500 records (St. Louis 5 games, Atlanta 1, and Cleveland 3).

They finish up the schedule to the All Star break with 7 of 10 with teams below .500 (3 Houston, 4 SF, 3 Arizona).

Do they do it before the All – Star break? At the break? Not at all?

I think at some point, they’re going to fire Miley. The question is when.

He’s already lasted longer than I thought he would.

2 Responses

  1. Glenn

    I imagine that it will be hard for the Reds to fire Miley. He’s an organization guy. He’s been with the Reds in one compasity or another for 30 years. However, the organization needs a complete makeover. They need to bring in someone who has never had any contact with the Reds or their executives. We need to quarantine the losing virus. We need to go find a GM and a manager that have had extreme sucess. John Hart, Brian Cashman, John Shurholtz caliber guys. AND PAY THEM. The Reds have tried going on the cheap for so long it has become an institutional way of life. Put those people in place before you even look at making any player moves. Every year its the same problems. Pitching…Pitching…Pitching, followed closely by a fued between one of more players and the manager. History just keeps repeating itself.

  2. Glenn

    The Billy Beane school would be fine for me. My point was that the team needs to quit fooling around, wishing and hoping that something good will happen. They need to make it happen, and they need to do it pretty soon. I saw alot of fans dressed as empty seats at tonight’s game.