I’m tired of losing. Now seems like a good time for a victory.

Here’s a game thread to discuss the action as the Reds pick up a victory against the Braves.

4 Responses

  1. Chad

    Here we go again: a triple and a homer for the first two Braves, then a single. I’m sick of Ramon Ortiz.

  2. Glenn

    Chris, I know you’ll know this. How much will it cost the Reds to designate Ortiz for assignment? Also, have you noticed that the guys O’Brien brought in are having worst seasons than the guys we already had on the roster? It seems the Reds have taken a giant step backwards.

  3. Glenn

    Hey, there are “pitching to contact”. I’d say by the way balls are flying out of GABP, the Reds staff understands the concept.