I read this in the Dayton Daily News this morning. Why Oh why if you were spurned by Clement, would you turn around and give the SAME money to Eric Milton? This is not just hindsight speaking, you can look in the archives of the Reds listserv. I thought he was overpaid from the get go. Anyone that thinks Clement = Milton needs to find a new line of work.

I will even IGNORE 2005 because Milton is obviously pitching injured or under a spell from a demon.

Eric Milton

2002 4.84 121/171 24 1.19
2003 only pitched in 3 games
2004 4.75 161/201 43 1.35

Matt Clement

2002 3.60 215/205 18 1.23
2003 4.11 171/201 22 1.28
2004 3.68 190/181 23 1.35

The fact that we lost Clement to the Red Sox probably isn’t O’Brien’s fault. But what in the hell was he looking at when he decided that since he didn’t get Clement he would give the same deal to Milton? Again I ask what skills does this guy have that qualifies him to evaluate talent?

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  1. Tyler

    Your missing all the things Milton brings to the table. First and foremost, he’s a veteran presence in the clubhouse. Also, he’s a proven winner. No matter what his ERA say, he wins games. The Reds wanted a guy who could go out there and take the ball every 5 days, and boy have we got that one.

    Terrible signing from the begining. I blame Omar Minya or how every you spell his name, for driving up pitching cost with Kris Benson signing. Linder didn’t give O’Brien money to spend early enough in FA and he paniced. Terrible signing from the beginning. Led the league in HR allowed last year, what did he think he was going to do playing 82 games a year in GABP.

  2. Matt

    but wait….Lindner gave him the money in time to sign Clement. I think that was a BS answer given by O’Brien. I personally don’t like Lindner, but you can’t blame him for this….other than the fact he hired this boob.

  3. Matt

    BTW, Tyler I am Matt. If you confuse me with a Lawyer again I will sue you.

  4. Tyler

    I don’t care about Clement. Why not Wade Miller. So what if he was hurt. Give him the same deal, with an out clause for the Reds that says if his shoulder puts him on the DL after July or something, that they can void his contract, he’d go for it because he’d make 8 mil this year instead of 1.5 with the bosox, and we’d be protected against, say, a Bad contract(Milton, Wilson, Casey).

    He’s not pitching brilliantly, but a whole lot better than Milton, and he’s only going to get better. His stuff is way better than Milton, and his career stats say he will be good. Miltons career stats say he’s got a lot of runs support. Wins really are meaningless when were talking about how good a pitcher is. It’s all about run support and ERA. If your giving up 8 runs per nine(Milton), you’re not going to win much.

  5. Glenn

    Apparently, wins are meaningless if you are a member of the Reds managment staff.

  6. CG Hudson

    I’m not trying to excuse O’Brien’s idiocy but common sense says Clement was being a bit diplomatic. If I’m Clement or Miller and the money offers are close, where do I want to go? To the team that just won the world series and has a more than reasonable chance of getting back or to the land of Marge Schott and Jim Bowden (Matt and Wade were barely born during the BRM-era)?

  7. Matt

    CG, go back and reread my post. I am not blaming O’Brien for NOT getting Clement. If I was Clement, I would have done the same thing, and my fast ball is only about 55 M.P.H.

    The point of my post is O’Brien was dumb for giving the same money he offered to clement to Milton. When Milton clearly is not in the same league as Clement. And as Tyler pointed out, Milton isn’t even as good as Wade Miller. So not getting Clement he gets a pass on, Clement clearly had better options. O’Brien’s better option would have been signing Milton to a one year deal, or not signing him at all.

  8. mike

    Lindner’s desire to spend money? I think you mean, it would have met the fan’s minimum level of increased spending.

  9. Glenn

    The Reds have historically been so cheap, I’m thinking that no one in management knew how to act once they had some money to spend on players. They spent alot of money but they didn’t spend it wisely.