Here’s a game thread for tonight’s tilt with the Bosox. Enjoy, and go Reds! 🙂

4 Responses

  1. Joel

    The Red Sox are treating it like an exhibition too…a hitting exhibition. It’s funny to hear the Sox announcers act like it is just the Sox bats coming alive. I want to call them and tell them that everybody does this against this pitching staff.

  2. Glenn

    This team just can’t seem to get going. Swept by the Rocks. Win 2 out of 3 against the O’s. And now lost two straight to the Red Sox. The hitting seems to either be very, very good or non-existant. The pitching is almost always bad. This season’s in the tank. I just hope the Reds don’t panic and start again with their annual house cleaning for “prospects”.

  3. Heath

    Well, if current trends continue – this ought to be a fun series this weekend in Atlanta….

  4. Tyler

    The Reds do need to dump for prospects IMO. They are not going to win with the way this team is assembled. They need to dump Milton for a bucket of ball and maybe some pine tar(I know I’m asking a lot). Dump salary while keeping the core in tact.

    Harang, Hudson, Claussen, Kearns, Dunn, WMP, Felipe, Encarnacion, should be the only untouchables. The rest are free game. The way this team is set up now it can never win. Get as much pitching for Casey as you can. Dump Griffey on the Yanks where he can DH/CF for Eric Duncan and a couple of high ceiling guys.

    Start over the right way. When Bowden dumped salary, he compromised the future with dumping Williamson(who should be our closer). We need to get someone in here who can evaluate talent though. O’Brien is not the guy to do this. If we can make these trades, it frees up a lot of money to spend WISELY!

    With that young core of hitting, as well as guys like Hudson, Claussen, and Harang starting we’ve got a start. We need to develop and make good FA signings. Not 25 mil to the HR king of pitching.